Everyone Has Different Needs

Here’s How We Help

Target Mail

Notice the word “target.” There is a science to creating dramatic results at the mailbox. It begins with carefully identifying your ideal customer or profiling the traits of your best clients. Then, we create compelling graphics and copy to match your attractive offers. We’ve done this for years, and continually work to improve our results. People pay attention to what they desire or need. Target Mail ensures they interact with your company’s brand and message.

Customized Lists

A carefully crafted mail piece sent to the wrong recipient will still fail! We learned years ago that buying “off-the-shelf” lists subjected us to numerous inaccuracies, wasted postage, and unpredictable results.

That’s why we painstakingly create lists for our clients. Data mining, cross-referencing, filtering, and verifying accuracy leads to increased response, higher traffic, and more sales conversions. That’s what you want! We guarantee the quality of our lists and believe in our abilities to the point that we will gladly refund the full cost of any returned piece.

Public Relations

Public relations’ number one priority is to build and protect the image of your company. We do this by creating beneficial and lasting relationships with other companies and professionals, in addition to news reporters, magazine editors, and politicians. Combining public relations with marketing yields a much higher success rate than if one were implemented without the other.

Social Media

Has there been a bigger buzzword than “social media” in the past five years? Social Media is an important element that can lend success to your business. But, you have to develop, implement, and refine a strategy to monetize your investment in social media. We have the team in place to move you forward with social media, as well as studying and implementing new forms and methods, if applicable, to enhance the performance of your company.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is very subjective. What one person likes, another may find distasteful. That’s why we have a team of designers. There’s no patent on good ideas (or graphics)! We can take your “napkin sketch” and transform it to a professional image. Or, you can describe an idea, and with one or two passes, we’ll nail it for you. We’ve done this a while. Not right out of design school, but still open minded and objective. The key is to create images complementary to the message you want to convey. And, make it memorable.


It’s all about your customers’ needs and their satisfaction. You face competition from both real and perceived sources. Customers have an almost unlimited number of buying channels available. You can’t afford to be just an attractive alternative. We create a preference in the minds of your customers to return and buy again. We compel prospects to seek you first!

Web Development

Whether you’re just getting started, or taking your business to a whole new level, we will provide a website to meet your needs and budget. A website that is graphically appealing, user-friendly and geared towards gaining new customers is crucial to achieving success in the competitive world of online marketing. It is just one of the things we do best!


Need more traffic? Experiencing difficulty converting online prospects into real-life customers? We’ll fix that! We analyze your web presence and come up with a strategic plan that lets you outmaneuver your competition, stay in front of your target audience, and land more and more customers.


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